Aloha! It's been ages since I blogged. xD

First of all, wish you a belated Merry Christmas and belated Happy New Year, belated Happy Valentine's and most importantly, my favourite festival HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! :D


I forgot how I celebrated my X'mas. Owh wait I stayed in that's why. I went Mansion 69 during NYE with bunch of good friends. Had so much fun and bumped into bunch of friends as well. One of the good and bad thing about this tiny Penang. No matter where you go, you'll somehow bump into people you know (or people you try to avoid).

Was soooooooo wasted. I stayed sober until after midnight when I found other friends while I was otw to toilet. Drank from the bottle really no kidding. I'm surprised I was still able to open my house door and even locked it up! Eventhough I have no idea how I did that. So of course I passed out as soon as I crawled into my bed.

Next day got scolded by bf... Lol! He was so pissed 'cause I got so drunk when he's not around and he was worried sick. When I read the conversation and msg I sent him before I gone rouge, hilarious! I dont even know what I was trying to say. I even asked him "how's your xmas eve?".

Anyway, it was fun except the part I got scolded the next day. 'n'

I lost 3kg during CNY! But immediately gained 2kg back as soon as I started working. People wondering how can I lost weight during CNY as people usually gain weight because there are massive loads of delicious fattening food during CNY.

No why, 'casue I was too busy to eat. Sleep late, so wake up late. When I woke up it was already afternoon. So straight away have dinner. After having dinner, went visitting, or hangout with friends until midnight. One meal per day! How not to lose weight! xD But as soon as I started working, fats all came back to me... Waking up early really makes me hungry all day! GRRRR. Dammit!

During CNY, there was a gathering of my college classmates. The actual amount of attendance was much more lesser than the amount in fb event page. Picture as evidence.

Yes, le "College Classmates reunion". Three of them are not even from our class. When we went for next round, it's even lesser. Left 6 of us and another one came to meet us up.

If you dont know. This is my new fb profile picture.

Personally think it's pretty nice. LOL!

The second round was fun, too! There were five of us drank two towers of beer, as it was still early so we ordered the third tower. By the time the beer reached, it just left three girls included me. We had no choice but to finished up the whole tower.

Bf came to find me btw. And he paid for the third tower. xD

Ok done. Ciao!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

[Meinbrain]: Birthday present trouble

There's one thing stuck in my head for quite a while. 

I uhhhh.. kinda complained about a birthday gift I received from my bunch of good friends last year. Yeaaaaa I actually bitched about it for sometimes. 

Here's the story. 

Last year I received a snow globe from them. As below.

To be honest, when I unwrapped the box at home and found this inside, I was kinda... confused. There are soooooo many options out there and WHY they picked a snow globe (5 or 6 of them sharing it). An UGLY snow globe. 

It's not like Im being insatiate. I really appreciated them came all the way from Jawi to Penang to celebrate with me. Kept me accompanied the whole day. I reaaaaaaally do. I swear! Nothing can compare with that and our friendships. Omg now I found myself not making any sense. Jeez.

Anyway anyway, there were once, some of us were talking and suddenly one of them mentioned about my birthday gift. And that was how I started to erm.. complained about it..... 

I asked them why on earth they picked a snow globe for me. Who in the age of 21 needs a freaking snow globe?! And s'more it's ugly. Okay I was being mean.. and acting like a bitch. -.- and then I told them I dont need an expensive gift or what, something useful will do, I really dont mind if it was just a book (at least it's useful). What am I supposed do with a snow globe?! 

They said they had no idea that was a snow globe as well, because they didnt pick the present. They just passed the money to the girl (another friend from the group) and let her make the choice as they thought it'd be more appropriate 'cause a girl will know what a girl wants. They were shocked when they know about it too. 

Ever since then, I complained a lil bit about it when they talk about present. I got even more beh syiok when they said they planing to buy an external hard disk for her birthday. I was thinking it's SO UNFAIR when they got her an external hard disk and I just got a stupid snow globe! Am I just less important to them?! They even said because she seems like she needs one, owh great so you guys think I need a snow globe so much? Pft. I even said I refused to pay for that. I know I know, very childish and xiao qi. But it just made me felt that way mah. =(

But I forgot what we got her for her birthday, or we didnt. 

This year, they brought me to Neway (a karaoke inside Queensbay Mall). We sang for so many hours there and had so much fun, and it came with the buffet. And they have the offer for birthday ppl, which is free. This would be more than enough and it was memorable! =D 

Then they gave me a present, it's a necklace. It is so pretty and I dont know how much it cost them. Plus the karaoke session, they really spent a lot I think. =(
I dont know if it was because what I complained about the snow globe, so they got me a necklace this year. If that was really the reason, it so making me feel guilty! 

I dont need an expensive present! As long as it's something useful, as I said previously, a book I also happy d! I complained about the snow globe merely because it really not something I needed (and it's for kiddo). 

This thing constantly remembering in my heart. What I meant is I dont care how cheap the present is if it's useful. I dont need a really pricy gift. And look, even if without the present, we had the memorable memories. =D

And I am so happy to have you all as my friends! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Life has been treating me good


I'm always here though. xD

As always, I've been being extremely lazy for the past few months. I ashamed of it. I lazy to move, lazy to clean my room, lazy to do exercise, lazy to ermm do basically everything. wtf.

Well the last entry I said May was a good month, I hardly remember what happened back then that make me think so (I'm too lazy to read it, as well), BUT, September is DEFINITELY A GOOD MONTH!

So many good things happened and some exciting decisions I've had made.

Firstly, (omg too many things and I dont know where should I start first) I can get off of my braces next month! Time flies! Remember the first day I posted the picture of me wearing it? xD It has been a year! I can finally take it off already! Woohoo!

Secondly, I've been planning to go travel with my friends. But you know, there's a bad thing about planning stuff with a bunch of people. You'll have disagreements, dissensions, the conflict of time/date, indecision, blabla drag drag and end up nothing comes up. But we made it this time!! We finally decided to go somewhere and flight tickets are booked! I'm excited because I never travel overseas with friends and I finally have that chance. It'll be in next year's July though.. -.- (hopefully the world wont end so soon)

Thirdly, Im going Singapore for Zoukout in December. Didnt go last year and friends have been persuading me to go this year. The reason I didnt go last year was because, one, I just came back from there not long ago. Two, it sounds tiring, they said you'll barely get to sleep and party all night long. Tiring ok! So I passed. This year, my friends said, if you're still not going this time, we're so gonna talk about HOW HAPPENING it was when we're back for WHOLE YEAR, and by that time you'll be unable to join our conversation because you didnt come. LOL.
Well that wasn't the reason I decided to go. Just feel likeeee since it's so happening, I might as well go once. Since I've never been to an event like this before. And I think I kinda happy for my decision. I started to feel excited already. xD Now just wait for another (hopefully) good news from my friend if my cousin is able to join us. =3

There's one thing Im kinda worrying though. Everyone is wearing bikini there.... I thinkkkkkkkkkkkkk it's time to lose some weight... *pinching fats*


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pre-Birthday Celebration!

Aite aite, some pictures for my pre-birthday celebration! =D I hereby thank Sam Lim for trying to surprise me, even though I've already know it, as I AM the one who told WC that my birthday is coming soon after all. LOL! Anyways anyways, really thank you all for this! =) Got cake summore!

Cute right! (WC then secretly told me it was originally got my name on it but then until that til they only found out there's another girl's birthday is coming soon. So they have to pill of my name and make it a birthday cake for us both.) LOL!

The birthday girl!

Yes I looked very happy LOL

Happy night you can see. XD

Thank you allllllllll! So much loves! =D

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May is a good month

Wahhhhh I've been stop blogging for nearly a month? Not that I got nothing to blog about. But I'm just being too lazy. TOO LAZY.

Sooooo.. I'm being good. My life is good, work is good. Nothing bad happens, which is very good. xD 

Braces is good. xD Can you see that??? The gap between my front teeth is gone!!! 

Friends keep asking me why I wear braces as they cant see any differences. This is because you never look properly at my teeth. But thank god you didnt. If you do, I'll probably think you're a creepy ass. Heh. 

Nvm I'll show you the difference. 


This was taken on the day I first wore my braces, 31 Oct 2011. You can clearly see the gap right? *my face LOL!*

I tried to find some pic of me smiling showing teeth but then I noticed I closed my mouth in most of the pic. I really hated the gap. -.- 
Nvm la I gave up d. 

I found some actually but Im too ugly in the pic so just forget about it la. xD

If you dont know. This is already the second times I wear braces. The first was in first grade of my high school. 13 year old? It was like..... O M G nine years back?! OMAGOD!!! Am I already THAT OLD?!?  -.- okay, so it's good to wear the second times d. Shit la jeez.

Anyway, frist time costed me 2.8k while second times only 2k. The dentist said I'm former customer (I went to the same dental again), so will give me some discount. xD Else I've to pay at least 3.6k, that's the price for braces now. Saved up 1.6k!! Wow. xD

Anyway anyway, I've been reading this site for days.

It's all about news/story/article of homicides, cold blooded killers, ghost stories and so on. I personally love it very much. I'm kinda fond of  reading those stuffs. But they're all in mandarin. HAHA! 

It's a very good and interesting site. =D

I've been watching the korean drama, Love Rain as well. I can say that it's one of the most boring korean drama I've ever watched. Every plot and the stories are in my expectation. BORING. And the progress is bloody slow. Yuna cries in almost every episode. Watch til my eyes gonna burst d. Booooo. 

The only reason I watch is because of Jang Geun Seuk. Like one of my guy friend, he watch it just because of Yuna. Haha. 

Aite that's all for now. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's April yo!

Ha my title is kinda like.... you dont say meme xD

Anywayyyyyy, it's been so long, again. My life is just got nothing more to blog about... SO DULL. But met up with loads of friends recently. Which is a good sign! I got friends! Haha. Friends that came back from KL, friend that never meet for so long, friend that never talk for awhile, new friends. Woolala.

Ever since I started working here, I got no social life. I mean... barely have social life. Haha.

Owh so that day, bumped into a friend at the lobby of my work place. He said I've been being so low profile nowadays. LOL! But since when I high profile! He said I used to go club a lot and now barely see me there. Hmmmm... I.. I... do I really clubbing that much last time? =(

Anyway, yea, I barely go now. First off, I need to work. Secondly, I'm lazy. Third, no friends, which is the main reason. HAHA! Got friends lah! But they seldom go also. So... yea. xD


Tmr is public holiday and I still dont know what to do. Most probably rot at home I guess. =/


Ciao. Hhaha!!