Monday, March 28, 2011

Toothache killing me!

Arghghg!! The stupid toothache is so annoying! The pain is like connecting to all your brain cells and neurons, when the pain starts, it affects your whole head and you'll feel frustrated, irritated! I should go dental to pull it out! But... dentist is so scary! You know you know.. they put everything inside your mouth, tools like screwdriver, nails, hammer...

and and they'll hold the tools and look at you like this

and they have terrible hobby... they collect teeth!

Okayy you should know I'm just kidding. But this picture is real! This dentist used all the teeth he pulled out from his patients to build a pavilion. xD

So dentists in this century not gonna use hammer or screwdriver to fix your decayed tooth, instead of that, they'll use these friendly stuffs. xD

And your dentist will look at you very friendly like this


or like this

and fix your decayed tooth very gently. I'm gonna endure it for few more day until I cant stand it anymore. Then only to decide what to do with it. 


t4dream said...

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Mein Mein said...

Thank you! =D

inci said...

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